so yesterday i wrote a blog on how much of an asshole i am to my girlfriend. not really. it was more like me conditioning my girlfriend into hating fast food so she would stick to a healthier eating lifestyle. and i will now explain how to do the same so you can do this to yourself or others in any area in life. you can literally change any “non-curable” phobia, addictions, habits in 30 minutes – 1 hour

STEP ONE- LEVERAGE: people will only want to change if they HAVE TO, not if they just want to. so this is what you can do. list out every single reason why you absolutely love smoking, eating whatever it is and why you did it. how did you get into it? how comfortable with it when you have it. the smell. the more emotion you add to this the better. you might want to close your eyes and visioning you being in the state of mind. a peek state. the more emotion added to this the better. list them out! at least 15!!

Ie: if you want to loose weight:

* when i get home from work im just so hungry i rush the kitchen and chow down

* i remember one time i was so stressed and my girlfriend dumped me and i ate a whole tub of icecream and cried for hours, it so so comforting

* its just so amazing how cheap and convenient it is. right across the street from my work



this is how i was told how your brain works. your brain is like a tiny juke box in your head. each memory, or train of thought is a CD and when you scratch that CD up, scrape a knife on it back and forth it will never play write again. so how do you do this? commit an act that you wouldn’t normally do. or something that will freak yourself out big, time right  after the first stage.

Ie: run in your kitchen and scream at your food for being so inconsiderate for making that way, grab it and shake it, punch it, kick it!!! then hold it ever so delicately under your arm as you walk down the hall and into the bathroom, hold the fatty, nasty, sugary acids above the porcelain throne and flush that sucker down the toilet! maybe play some background music “we are the champions” whatever it is. its weird but it works. the more weird and more differnt emotion added then u normally would the better!


list what new behaviors you would like to adapt as an alternative, and list the reasons why, convince yourself why they are worth having. this is very important. this is because your brain is like a vacuum after you mess up a pattern. when you take something away it has to be replaced, and the best part about this is you can choose what can take its place.

a good way to do this is INCANTATIONS which is verbally saying  phrases or affirmations with emotional intensity. so make a phrase such as “living healthy is more comforting than smoking to get cancer” or with the weight loss example “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” again, the more emotion the better!!! (you can increase ur emotion by increasing the way you say it with your body)

Ie: in the diet example, list all of the wonderful best reasons why you would want some healthy foods, maybe eat some to your favorite piece of music, and root yourself on. call yourself out on already looking thinner (the more you visualize something in your head the more the brain believes it to be true!), and feel better because you eat healthy. woo yourself. this adds to the fact that your brain adds pleasure emotion and links it to healthy foods and takes that on in as the alternative.

be more than happy to try it out but i guarantee it 100% works. if you think it doesnt work, that’s just fine. you are probably new at this, just try it again until it does work! program yourself for ultimate success. program yourself to win!! for more pick up artist help